Essential Notes about the Basic Rules and Equipments Used in Basketball

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It may be easier to become a spectator of a basketball game than to participate on an actual game, especially on a professional level. If this is your passion, you might as well start by knowing more about the rules and various equipments that are used and implemented on this kind of team sport. More and more people are getting fascinated with the sport. This is why there are many professional leagues that can be found at various countries all around the world. To give you some briefing about what to expect with the game, here’s a peek about the rules and a look at the standard equipments used during the game.

Basic Rules

Although some rules about measurements and time limits may vary depending on the league and tournaments, these are the basic rules that are followed by international leagues, including the NBA.

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The rule of the game is simple, the team with the higher score by the end of the time limit for the whole game would win. This can be achieved by shooting the balls on the hoop to score points, while the opponent tries to hinder the shots through various strategies. A shot can be worth two or three points. Three points is given if the shot is made at the three-point arc or 6.25 meters away from the basket for international games and 7.24 meters for the NBA. One point can be gained if the player does the shot on the foul line after a foul is committed.

There are four quarters in each game. Each quarter can be 10 minutes long for international games and 12 minutes for the NBA. A half-time break is given 15 minutes. If the scores are equal by the end of the fourth quarter, an overtime will be issued that is five minutes long. Whenever the game is not active, the time is stopped. A game usually lasts for two hours, depending on various technical aspects that may occur while it is on. There are two teams that will play at each game. Aside from the players, these teams will have their coaches. The coach is responsible in overseeing the while game and in making sure that the strategies are implemented to increase the team’s chances of winning. The team must also have assistant coaches, doctors, trainers, managers and statisticians.


A standard uniform is composed of pair of shorts and jersey that must be unique to each team, with the number and surname of the player who is wearing such. This is applicable for both men and women’s leagues. To begin the game, the two essential things that must be at sight are the ball and the court where the game is going to be played. At competitive levels, there must be score sheets, scoreboards, clocks, stop-clock system that is operated through whistle and alternating possession arrows.

As a basketball player, you have to excel not only in shooting, but also on how you can stop the other team from making points. You can achieve this through constant practice and by catching some good games on TV or on live venues.

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