Basketball Tips: Making That Free throw

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They say that practice makes perfect. Would that be the same to clinch free throws in basketball? It is a combination of trick and practice. Professionals have their own strategies or ways on getting that ball through the net. But if you are a beginner or an amateur, then it would be best to start with the basics, before you find your own “rhythm” when shooting from the free throw line.

It is important to be consistent in free-throw shooting. First, it would put your team in advantageous position, specially if the opponents would foul you. Second, developing your free throw would help you develop your other shooting techniques. But making sure that the ball would get into the net is hard since there is a lot of pressure when you are on the line.

Here are some free throw tricks.

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Be in a comfortable position. When shooting free throws, the feet and the shoulder should be wide apart and parallel with each other. You should be standing just a bit behind the line, figure the position where you have balance and you could target the shot.

Bend your knees a bit and shift your weight at the balls of your feet.

Handle the ball with your non-shooting hand. Your shooting hand should be at the seams of the ball. The thumb should provide support on the ball but the force should come from the palm of the shooting hand.

Concentrate on the ring and visualize the target.

Make sure that the foot, on the same side of your shooting hand, shooting elbow and the shooting forefinger is aligned with the center of the rim.

You elbows should create a 90 degree angle. Release the ball from the fingertips. You would have a good follow through if your fingers are still pointing to the target.

Get some arc when shooting the ball. The concept the higher the trajectory or the flight of the ball, then there is higher possibility of hitting the wide area of the hoop.

Taking your time on the foul line is important.

The pre-shot ritual is something of rhythm for some players. This would allow them to relax and focus. You could establish you own free throw ritual by dribbling and spinning the ball.

Remember that you are making or shooting free throws in a middle of a game which is completely a high-pressure environment. To ensure that you will practice your focus and concentration, try recreating the distraction and noisiness when doing free throws.

Your pre-shot routine is something you should be comfortable with. Your routine is more that just bouncing or spinning the ball. Whenever you are on the free throw line and performing the routine, you are shooting using “muscle memory.” Others agree that being consistent with one routine on the foul line could ease tension which makes bagging the net easier. You are teaching your muscles to react in the same way, every time you are on the foul line.

Always practice your free throw shot. Basketball is not only about natural skill and talent, everything is honed with practice, concentration and focus.

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